Monthly Fee

Varies depending on number of hours worked & other factors such as number of systems managed, two-way interface vs. manual inventory balancing, frequency of building negotiated and group rates, etc. Fees below assume RevMax Pros will be managing inventory and rate changes, however lower fees are available if someone on property will handle day-to-day inventory and rate management, while our staff provides the training, tools and supervisory role.

The Monthly fee will be quoted after a full analysis of expected work level is made, however in general, the average monthly fee can typically range from $1,000 - $3,500 per month for most hotels.

Bonus Plan:

Performance compared to last year (preferred method)
Performance compared to budget
Targeted RevPar Index

  • All templates are complimentary with monthly service
  • Templates without monthly service are available at a fee ($475 for Pace/Forecast/Rate Strategy template and $375 for Market Segment/Budget template)

Some things to consider:

Multiple-Hotel discounts available
Hotels can be anywhere in the world as we access the hotel systems remotely

Temporary Projects:

Hotel Revenue Management training and mentoring is also available on a per-hour cost of $100 per hour and can be conducted remotely. Room, transportation and food per diem expenses apply if travel to property is required.